University of West Georgia graduate, full-time hustler, #CorporateBae by day and #BossBabe by night. I've always been known as the "creative" and "funny" friend so I figured it was time to invest in myself and take my skills to the next level. Although I graduated with a degree in Convergence Journalism, I later realized that I'm more passionate about content creation and using my creative expression through photographs/videos rather than writing. 

​My Hungry Homegirl journey started when I began my first corporate job. I wasn't the happiest at work and wanted to start something where I could highlight some of my skills and create real content. My colleagues always expressed to me how refreshing it was to see me balance work while enjoying life to the fullest. For some working 40+ hours a week and going out can be exhausting for but me it was exhilarating (I thought everyone did that lol). Co-workers, friends, family, and random people would ask me, "what are some good restaurants in Atlanta or places to have fun?" I started the platform to answer ALL questions for every #homegirl and #homeboy who enjoys exploring my city as much as I do.  

At Hungry Homegirl, I'm passionate about so many things but my biggest goal is to connect millennials through the art of food and storytelling. I enjoy the authenticity of personalizing my brand by making templates, creating polls, commenting on The Shade Room and simply engaging with my audience. Thank you so much for following me on my journey thus far!


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Tailor :)



  • I rarely scroll on TikTok

  • I'm double-jointed in my thumb

  • My favorite TV shows are Real Housewives of Atlanta and Insecure

  • I was born in Sandy Springs but Zone6 raised me

  • Member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated

  • My favorite singers are Whitney Houston, Usher & Victoria Monet

  • I DO NOT turn down free food

  • Only child 

  • Zodiac Sign: #Aquarius 

  • I'm not a fan of cooking

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